A water softener is fast becoming an essential household appliance in hard water areas.

Limescale can shorten the life of domestic appliances and take the shine off your kitchen and bathrooms, leaving surfaces dull and stained. Invest in a high-performance Dual Flow water softener and you can reverse the effects of limescale, dissolving old deposits and preventing new ones from forming. Softened water will give your home a new lease of life and reduce the risk of expensive repairs and replacement for washing machines, dishwashers, boilers, showers, taps and sanitaryware.

It’s a vital investment for your home:

  • dissolves existing limescale buildup
  • Prevents new limescale buildups
  • Gives you a sparkling clean kitchen and bathroom
  • Saves on bills and cleaning products

No space to install a water softener; that’s fine we can offer external installation with a choice of waterproof protection.

Not sure if a water softener is for you? Call our office and arrange a quote, we can even provide you with a free demo to show you the difference it will make in your water quality.

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Power Flush Machine