How do I save money and still have a good shower?

Did you know that taking a shower is not always more water efficient than a bath.

Which‘ tested electric showers with a typical flow rate of four litres per minute, this would take approximately 10 minutes to fill a bath. Whereas a more powerful shower or mixer could easily fill the bath in five minutes.

An eco shower head can be a great addition, giving the feeling of a higher pressure shower without using more water!

Bath & Shower Mixers

This type of shower gives you more control of the amount of water you use meaning you can reduce pressure and temperature to save not only energy but water too.

Electric Shower

Many models now have an eco mode that reduces the pressure meaning when you don’t need such a powerful shower you can save on energy and water.

Manual Mixer

This is a popular cost effective shower. Depending on the pressure and temperature controls, it can be difficult to precisely adjust to save water and energy.

Power Shower

Power showers use an electric pump that allows you to adjust the pressure and water pressure. Although a powerful shower it is the worst for water usage and can quickly use more than a bath!

Water Saving Tips For Showers

  1. Keep your shower under 5 minutes
  2. Don’t run your shower before you get in
  3. Use a lower power setting
  4. Fix drips and leaks

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