What do I need to consider when buying a new boiler?

Having a new boiler installed is a big step, not only choosing the right boiler but also using a reliable and reputable company. You can expect to pay anywhere between £1740 – £3000 +vat for a boiler replacement depending on the system type and brand.

How do I choose the right boiler?

There are several different things to consider. The steps below should help you to do this.

Choose a reliable brand

This may seem like an obvious statement however a lot of the time people buy new products based on populatiry or because of family and friend recommendations.

This means you need to do you research; check out Which and Trustpilot; look at the feedback given.

You can also get information from the brands own websites including Ideal, Vaillant, Worcester Bosch, Glowworm, Baxi and many more.

Get advice from someone in the know!

Speak to your installer, they have gained knowledge and experience which you will not have. Just remember some installers prefer certain brands this does not mean you have to use what they suggest.

A good installer will answer questions openly and honestly; as well as making suggestions of their own.

Consider warranty & aftercare

Like most things boilers may suffer from faults or stop performing as you would expect them too. This is why a warranty is needed.

Manufacturers will give you a warranty on parts and labour; as well as a number to call if your boiler breaks down within this time. There will always be terms and conditions with this; one of the main one being to get your boiler serviced annually!

If your boiler does breakdown its always best to call the installer first as they should give you best advice.

As well as a warranty many of the larger manufacturers will offer a one time fix at a fixed fee.

Don’t forget you can ask your installer if they can quote different brands so you can compare prices as well.

Choose the right type of boiler

Do you know what type of boiler you need or do you know if you want to or even if you can convert your system?

There are several different types of boilers including; combination boilers, system boilers and heat only boilers.

You may want to just install a straight swap or you may decide to upgrade your system for efficiency reasons. Again make sure you do your research and talk through the options with your installer.

Make sure you understand boiler efficiency

Its always important to look at how efficient your new boiler is as this will affect your heating and hot water in the long term.

Looking at the percentages is the best place to start; for example you want somewhere in the early 90’s but the higher the better. Don’t forget you can improve the efficiency by not only installing smart controls but also using smart thermostats.

This is something you will be able to discuss with your installer as well as looking for yourself using the different manufacturers websites.

Make sure you choose the correct boiler size.

When we say size we don’t mean how big the boiler is we mean the power output which is measured in Kilowatts.

A boiler that is too small will not be able to get enough hot water to your system and a boiler too large for your property will increase your energy bills.

Not only will a good installer be able to guide you on this but many of the manufacturers have a simple questionnaire to give you an idea of the size of boiler you will need.

Be wary of initial costs

Remember cheaper isn’t always better. It’s always tempting to save as much money as possible however a boiler is a long term investment that could last for upwards of 15 years.

There are two choices; you can either

  1. make a larger payment for a top rated boiler with great warranty and reviews
  2. get a cheaper more unreliable boiler and end up paying more in the long run for repair costs

Spending more money on your boiler if you can will not only save you money on repairs but it will also save you money on your energy bill too.

Consider additional features

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