ThermaSkirt is the skirting board heating for your home

When you decide to go for the ThermaSkirt skirting board heating option, it is a simple installation onto any suitable central heating system or electrical heating circuit. Heating from low-level, and from all-around the room is a proven way to save energy without sacrificing comfort. ThermaSkirt is made from a highly conductive aluminium ally with a pre-finished epoxy powder-coated pain. Available in modern deco pencil round profile, with a range of optional decorative mappings, to suit any interior.

Key Features of Our Skirting Board Heating System

Sleek Design and Easy Integration:

  • Thin and unobtrusive profile that seamlessly blends with any interior decor.
  • Simple installation process that fits easily into existing or new spaces.

Uniform Heating Distribution:

  • Advanced heating technology ensures even warmth from floor to ceiling.
  • Eliminates cold spots and provides consistent comfort throughout the room.

Smart Thermostat Compatibility:

  • Works seamlessly with popular smart thermostat systems for convenient control.
  • Enables precise temperature adjustments and energy-saving scheduling.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings:

  • Directs heat at a lower level, minimising heat loss and reducing energy consumption.
  • Potential reduction in heating costs compared to traditional radiators.

Silent and Maintenance-Free Operation:

  • No noisy fans or pumps, providing a peaceful environment.
  • Virtually maintenance-free with no moving parts that can wear out.

Safe for All Ages:

  • Low surface temperature prevents the risk of burns, making it safe for children and pets.
  • No exposed elements or hot surfaces.

Other advantages include:

  • true radiant heat
  • Fast and responsive
  • Works with any floor finish
  • Frees up wall space
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