A power flush is a chemical cleaning process for your central heating system.

The cost varies depending on the type of power flush, the age of the system and the number radiators.

Signs that a power flush is needed:

  • inconsistency of heat in your radiators or cold spots
  • Noisy radiators, pipes or boiler
  • Black water coming out of the radiator when bleeding
  • Consistently having to bleed the radiators
  • Central heating system takes a long time to heat
  • Central heating system keeps breaking down or needing to be re-started
  • A water quality test

Over time sludge and debris will build up within your central heating pipes, this will cause the pipes to rust and the system will not run efficiently.

If installing a new system you may also opt for a power flush to clear out any sludge and debris meaning the new system can run as efficiently as possible.

You may think this is unnecessary expensive however in the long run a power flush could save you money:

  • it can prolong the life of your system
  • make your system run more efficiently
  • reduce breakdowns
  • potentially decease your energy bill
  • reduce noise from radiators and boiler