How to thaw a frozen condensate pipe?

If your boiler has stopped working and its freezing outside, check whether the condensate pipe has frozen before you call out a heating engineer.

When cold weather sets in, one of the most commonly reported faults is that a boiler’s condensate pipe has frozen. This fault will cause your boiler to shut down.  If this pipe gets blocked with ice, or anything else, then your boiler will automatically shut down as a safety measure.

What is a condensate pipe?

A condensate pipe is a waste pipe which connects to the bottom of your boiler and takes water away to a drain point on your property.

This is made of a white or black plastic and can vary from 20mm in diameter to 40mm in diameter.

How do i know if my condensate pipe is frozen?

  • The boiler won’t start and will show an error code.

  • The boiler may make a gurgling noise

How to defrost a condensate pipe

  1. Locate the pipe blocked pipe
  2. Pour hot water over it. Make sure the waters not boiling otherwise the pipe may melt
  3. Re-start the boiler, if the error code still shows repeat these steps again
  4. If after repeating these steps the boiler is still not working call a Gas Safe registered engineer

Can I prevent a condensate pipe from freezing?

Yes you can! Follow these tips and you avoid a frozen pipe.

  • Leave the heating on low overnight
  • Shorten the pipe
  • Insulate the pipe
  • Install a larger pipe

Don’t believe us? Thats ok, check out Which for more information and a how to video

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