Get winter ready now!

Winter is fast approaching, with temperatures starting to drop now is the time to make sure you are prepared and not left with a problem during the busiest time of year.

When we describe heating systems we find comparing them to cars works best. They need to be regularly maintained for them to be reliable and run cost effectively and to not break down when you need them the most! 

That’s why carrying out regular checks and services on your heating system will ensure your home stays warm throughout the winter.

Below are some top tips that will help make sure you are ready for the coming winter.

Air in your system

Air in your heating system means you’re not heating your home to the maximum. You can tell if air is in your radiators when you feel they are cool in areas, or they are cold towards the top of the radiator. If the pipes are noisy it means air is being pushed around the system. Bleeding radiators will help rid the heating system of air and will return your heating system to maximum heating capacity. Please note if you have a sealed central heating system after you bleed your radiators you will need to top your system back up to between 1-1.5 bar.

Maintain radiators

The inside of radiators can become corroded over time so it’s important to preserve them so they continue to give out maximum heat. To prevent corrosion you can use a cleaning filter to help maintain a good healthy boiler. By using simple products such as an inhibitor or boiler filters you can help to extend the life and even improve efficiency of your heating system.

Insulate pipes

By insulating your pipes before the winter sets in will help reduce the danger of your pipes freezing, meaning that a constant flow of water will always be available. If the pipes do freeze there is a high risk that one will have a leak once they have thawed.

Not only is this efficient during winter but it also prevents heat loss from hot pipes all year round. 

Insulate your home

Heating your home is one thing but keeping it warm and reducing energy loss is a sure way to save money on your ever rising energy bills. By having your home correctly insulated you could reduce your energy bills.

You can find out more by using the Government website.

Boiler Service

Have your boiler serviced by a qualified gas engineer. This will not only help you find out if your boiler is still efficient but it also gives you a good peace of mind that there are no problems coming into the winter months. Don’t forget if you have a new boiler an annual service is needed to keep your warranty valid.

Check your thermostat 

Make sure your thermostat is set to the right time and turned high enough to activate the heating. If you suspect an error with your thermostat, then try replacing the batteries first – failing that, get a professional out to take a look.

Check your thermostatic radiator valves

Make sure each room especially any that are rarely used have thermostatic radiator valves. They need to be opening and shutting as required. This can be easily checked by opening them fully to ensure the radiators come on and shutting them fully to ensure each individual radiator stays cold whilst the heating is on. If these aren’t working effectively this would be a waste of heat and your money throughout the cold winter months.

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