If you are building a new house or extending your existing home it can be very stressful.  You will want to know that when it comes to the plumbing, you are definitely in safe hands.

Tri-Counties Heating will talk you through step by step with what is needed and discuss any potentials problems that may arise.

Unsure what first and second fix means?

First fix plumbing is a lot like it sounds, essentially it involves all of the plumbing work that needs to take place before and as the house is being built. Some plumbing work is very difficult to do after the build has taken place, and could be the cause of major disruption or even mean some of the other new elements of the build that have been completed, have to be redone. As nobody wants this, it’s important to plan in the first fix accordingly.

The first plumbing fix includes:

  • All of the pipework for the cold and hot water for the house, including underground pipe work.
  • The pipework for waste water drainage.
  • Pipe work for the heating system
  • Any gas pipe work that is to be chased Into walls or run under floors.

It’s important to book in different trades accordingly, giving each time and space to do their work separately. For example, some pipework can’t be carried out when an electrician is doing certain installations, so to avoid delays it’s crucial to carefully plan your timescales.

Once first fix plumbing has been completed, your engineer will leave your property to allow other important work to take place and for the actual build to be finished. Once it has been, they will return to begin second fix plumbing. Now that the full structure of the house is up and the walls in, the internal and connecting work can begin.

The work involved in second fix plumbing is one of the major contributors to making a new build habitable, bringing the essential comforts that make a house a home.

Second fix includes:

  • Fitting the boiler, radiators and hot water cylinder.
  • Fitting the bathrooms and toilets.
  • Fitting the kitchen sink and other water dependant kitchen appliances.
  • Connecting the pipework to any appliances, taps or other water sources.
  • Checking and testing all of the plumbing.

With no hidden cost we can quote you on your 1st and 2nd fix; no job is too big or too small for us to take on.

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