Confused about boiler warranties?

The boiler warranty is an essential part of choosing a new boiler, as in the long term it can potentially save you thousands of pounds in repair costs.

Not just that but you want the peace of mind that if something does go wrong you’ll get your boiler back in working order fast and at no additional cost.

Unfortunately its not vert clear as boiler manufacturers have reacted to market conditions and offer a huge range of different warranties. Not only this but each manufacturers have developed loyalty schemes to loyal installers which can increase the normal warranty offered to home owners.

Warranty v’s Guarantee

A guarantee is an agreement that the manufacturer will attend to the property to repair or replace the boiler unconditionally if related to a manufacturing fault.

A warranty is a contract to only investigate the problem, but not an agreement to necessarily fix the boiler free of charge.

As a result, a guarantee is seen as the superior option, so is certainly worth bearing in mind.

What you want is the warranty to be as long as possible and ideally be a guarantee and not just your usual warranty offer.

Conditions of cover

Many people aren’t aware that there are conditions you need to meet to keep your boiler warranty valid for the entire coverage period.

Yet the reality is most boiler brands outline a few key requirements you need to meet to maintain your warranty. These commonly include the following:

  • Installed by a registered Gas Safe Engineer
  • Registration of the warranty within 30 days of installation
  • Annual boiler servicing by a registered Gas Safe Engineer

Warranty length

Each manufacturer is different when it comes to warranties. Each boiler manufacturer set their own and this can vary between their different ranges and models.

All boiler brands typically include a standard warranty ranging from 1 to 5 years. But in today’s competitive boiler marketplace, most manufacturer’s offer a free extended warranty that ranges from 2 to 12 years.

Additionally installing a branded filter along with the boiler can also increase the warranty length.

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