Central Heating Radiators, thermostatic valves and all associated pipework can be installed and maintained by any of our qualified engineers.

Modern efficient radiators can come in any colour, style and many different sizes. When central heating radiators are sized correctly they can maintain a comfortable heat throughout the rooms of your home and they can now add to the décor whilst saving on the energy cost to run your home.

Would you like to decorate a room but your central heating radiators are in the way? That’s fine. Call us and we can remove the radiator and re-install it at a later date. This means you can paint your entire room hassle-free.

Thermostatic radiator valves prevent individual rooms or areas from overheating and can also easily be turned down in areas that are not used. This can improve your comfort and efficiency.

Central heating pipework leading to radiators and the boiler can become degraded or restricted with age and poor maintenance. Replacing or flushing pipework can improve system efficiency and the speed your property can heat.

Traditional copper and modern plastic pipes can be utilised to produce the least restrictive systems with the visual effects you would like for your radiators.

Power Flush Machine
Power Flush Machine