At Tri-Counties Heating we recommend your boiler is serviced once a year, new boiler also require the service to keep their warranties valid. A service will mean your appliance will be running efficiently and safely, It will increase the life of your appliance and regular maintenance is proven to minimise the risk of breakdowns. By committing to a yearly service you can save money in the long run, it can minimise the risk of parts breaking down and can give warnings of appliances reaching the end of their lives.

What’s included in our boiler service?

  • Full visual inspection of the boiler and flue
  • Inspection and clean of combustion chamber and main burner
  • Full safety checks of gas supply and boiler components
  • A water quality check
  • Combustion analysis to ensure the boiler is operating correctly and efficiently
  • Gas service certificate as a record
  • An annual reminder with no commitment needed

Still don’t know if you need a boiler service? Give us a call and we would be happy to discuss this with you.

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