At Tri-Counties Heating, we recommend servicing your boiler annually to maintain your warranty and ensure efficiency. Regular servicing keeps your appliance running efficiently and safely, extends its life, and reduces the risk of breakdowns. Committing to yearly maintenance saves money over time by minimising the risk of part failures and providing early warnings when appliances are nearing the end of their lifespan.

Tri-Counties Heating can provide a yearly program to assist you with managing your boiler servicing.

What’s included in our boiler service?

  • Full visual inspection of the boiler and flue
  • Inspection and clean of combustion chamber and main burner
  • Full safety checks of gas supply and boiler components
  • A water quality check
  • Combustion analysis to ensure the boiler is operating correctly and efficiently
  • Gas service certificate as a record
  • An annual reminder with no commitment needed

For a professional boiler service, contact gas safe engineers at Tri-Counties Heating for a prompt and reliable service.

We have build a relationship with Brett and his team over the past few years. Relying on someone and giving them our trust is difficult for my wife and I. Brett was able to service and install our boiler and be on call for an emergency call out. From this we have referred him to many others who have received the same (quality) treatment. He is currently working on other properties we own and will continue to work of them as we feel he is the best at what he does and it’s not just a service but a guarantee. Thanks Brett

Jacqui & Mike