Advanced heating controls can lower engird use

Replacing a standard room thermostat with an on/off load compensation thermostat can reduce gas use by 10%, according to new research.

Aim of the study

The study aimed to quantify the benefits of heating controls in reducing fuel usage.

This was an independent study to assess and compare the energy saving potential of directly modulating room thermostat.


The results showed the impact that small changes in installation practices and the use if more advanced heating controls can have on reducing fuel consumption.


The study showed that something as simple as replacing a standard room thermostat with one that controls the boiler using proportional on/off load compensation can reduce the gas used by 10 per cent over the heating season.

Where the boiler and controls are able to work together through a suitable communication protocol, a directly modelling load or weather-compensating room thermostat standard instead of a standard one can make a 12 per cent saving.

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