Shower not working as well as you would like?

Bath taking forever to fill?

Mains pressure low?

If you are experiencing these problems an accumulator may be the answer.

Mainsboost systems are designed to stabilise water pressure and increase flow to combination boilers and unvented systems allowing multiple taps and showers to be used at the same time.

Designed for unvented systems where the mains pressure is greater than 2.0bar but water flow is inadequate. Mainsboost is installed directly onto the incoming water supply and under mains pressure fills with water. The CAD2 water chamber is surrounded by positive pre-charged air pressure sealed within the vessel. When the chamber is full the unit reaches a state of pressure equilibrium, meaning the water pressure and pre-charge pressure are balanced.

The Mainsboost system has a volume of pressurised water ready for distribution throughout the property and where required can be supplied with multiple vessel options.

Where space is an issue, Mainsboost is also available in a range of horizontal sizes to suit the your needs.

What does this all mean? In short it means you will be able to run several water outlets at once within the property without loosing pressure on any of them.

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