What happens if I can’t find my stopcock?

Millions of us could be at risk of household damage from leaking water due to a lack of knowledge about their stopcock. Despite it being the main water control in homes, millions of people in the UK have no idea what a stopcock is and have never tried to find it!

It’s important to note some houses have an interior and exterior stopcock but we will be focussing on interior.

The first place to look is in your kitchen; either under the sink or behind larger appliances such as the fridge.

If your house has been renovated check in the old kitchen location as it may not have been moved.

Other places to look include:

  • garage
  • utility room
  • next to your meters in a hidden cupboard
  • airing cupboard
  • near the boiler

Still can’t find your stopcock? Try asking your neighbour the location of theirs as your is likely to be in the same place if the houses were built at the same time.

If you live in a flat or a shared building the stopcock may be located in a communal location such as a corridor or foyer.

Should I check my stopcocks working?

You should check your stopcock is working at least a couple of times a year as there us a chance they can seize up from lack of use.

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