Are you Carbon ready?

The UK have made a claim to reduce 1990 CO2 emissions by 100%

That is ‘carbon 0’

Originally that was aimed to be achieved by 2030 and now has been promised by 2050 with milestones to hit along the way.

By 2014 the 1990 figures had been reduced by 44%!

Natural gas is not being fitted into new homes from 2025.

All boiler manufacturers are producing ‘hydrogen ready’ boilers.

75% of the UK’s emissions reduction has come from the power sector.

‘Ford cars have claimed they will not produce any petrol engined cars from 2030’ they will all be electric or hydrogen.

If you need new systems installed it is best to be prepared for the green future as much as possible. We need to insulate as much as possible and heat as little as possible.

Air source heat pumps can replace your 90-92% efficient natural gas boiler. They use 1 kilo watt of electricity to produce 4 kilo watts of heat making them 400% efficient.

Solar panels can be fitted to heat your water or your home can very simply be prepared by replacing your current boiler when necessary to a ‘hydrogen ready’ boiler.

Make sure you are the front runners when it comes to installing new products to save yourself money in the future.

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